Hi! I'm Tobias, a 23 year old creative / art director based in Stockholm.
These are some of the things I look forward to this spring apart from graduating: fragrance, tulips, bloghouse, album covers, festivals, club stamps, scarves, t-shirts with suits, checking in & logging out... but I enjoy all things sensory. 
I try hard to create work with emotion, I hope you can feel it! <3

Junior Creative: Jung (2023 - Present)
Berghs School of Communication: Art Direction (2021-2023)
Creative Intern: Volt (2022)
 Creative Intern: Jung (2022)

D&AD - Portfolio Winner (2023)
The One Show / Young Ones  - Bronze Pencil (2023)
The One Show / Young Ones - Merit x2 (2023)
The One Show / Young Ones - Shortlist x8 (2023)
Berghs Team Awards - "Boldest use of creativity" w/ Linus Bolander <3 (2023)
Berghs Team Awards - "Je Ne Sais Quois" (2022)
+46 76 266 78 08